Are Emeralds Rarer Than Diamonds?

Are Emeralds Rarer Than Diamonds?

At Roset Jewellers, we're often asked about the rarity of various gemstones, particularly when it comes to emeralds compared to diamonds. Understanding the rarity of these precious stones can add to their allure and value, especially when selecting a piece for a special occasion or as a meaningful gift.

The Rarity of Diamonds

  1. Abundance: Diamonds are found in various locations around the world, with significant mines in countries like Russia, Botswana, and Canada. Their widespread availability contributes to their accessibility in the jewelry market.
  2. Gem-Quality Rarity: While diamonds are abundant, gem-quality diamonds that meet the standards for clarity, color, cut, and carat weight are rarer and more sought after.

The Rarity of Emeralds

  1. Geographical Limitations: Emeralds are less commonly found than diamonds, with major sources located in Colombia, Brazil, and Zambia. Their more limited geographical distribution adds to their rarity.
  2. Quality Considerations: High-quality emeralds with deep green color, good transparency, and minimal inclusions are exceedingly rare. The majority of emeralds contain natural inclusions or "jardin," which can affect their clarity and value.

Gemstone Formation and Mining: Impact on Rarity

Formation Process


The formation of diamonds deep within the Earth's mantle and their subsequent transport to the surface through volcanic eruptions contribute to their rarity. The specific conditions required for diamond formation are not common, making diamonds a rare and valuable gemstone.


The hydrothermal process that forms emeralds is a delicate and complex interaction between mineral-rich water and rocks. This process, along with the fact that emeralds are typically found in smaller, more scattered deposits, adds to their rarity in comparison to diamonds.

Mining Challenges

Diamond Mining

The remote locations and significant infrastructure required for diamond mining limit the number of viable diamond mines, contributing to the rarity of gem-quality diamonds. Additionally, the labor-intensive nature of diamond mining further restricts the supply.

Emerald Mining

The challenges of emerald mining, including the need for careful extraction to avoid damage and the smaller size of emerald deposits, make high-quality emeralds less common. These mining difficulties play a significant role in the rarity of emeralds.

Impact on Rarity 

The formation processes and mining challenges of diamonds and emeralds are key factors that contribute to their rarity. While both are rare and valuable, the specific conditions and difficulties associated with emerald formation and mining often make high-quality emeralds rarer than diamonds.

Comparing Rarity

  1. Overall Rarity: When considering the overall occurrence of these gemstones, diamonds are more commonly found than emeralds.
  2. Quality Rarity: However, when comparing high-quality specimens, both gem-quality diamonds and top-tier emeralds are rare, with emeralds often being considered rarer due to their more limited sources and the rarity of finding emeralds with minimal inclusions.

Rarity and Value of Emeralds and Diamonds

The rarity of a gemstone is a significant factor in determining its value. Both diamonds and emeralds are prized for their beauty and rarity, but the rarity of each gemstone is influenced by different factors:

  • Diamonds: While diamonds are more abundant than emeralds, the rarity of gem-quality diamonds—those with exceptional clarity, color, and cut—increases their value. The demand for diamonds, especially for use in engagement rings and fine jewelry, further enhances their value.

  • Emeralds: The rarity of high-quality emeralds, characterized by their vibrant green color and clarity, makes them highly valuable. The unique conditions required for their formation and the challenges in mining contribute to their scarcity, which in turn increases their value in the market.

In essence, the rarity of both diamonds and emeralds plays a crucial role in their value, with high-quality specimens of each being particularly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

Implications for Jewelry Selection

  • Personal Preference- The choice between an emerald and a diamond often comes down to personal preference, with some individuals drawn to the vibrant green of emeralds and others to the classic brilliance of diamonds.
  • Occasion Significance- Emeralds can offer a unique and rare touch to jewelry pieces, making them particularly special for marking significant life moments or as a luxurious gift during the holiday season.


In the world of gemstones, both diamonds and emeralds hold their own in terms of beauty and desirability. While diamonds are more commonly found, emeralds' rarity, especially when it comes to high-quality stones, sets them apart as a precious and sought-after gem. At Roset Jewellers, we invite you to discover the perfect gemstone that resonates with your style and the significance of your special occasion. Visit us in Medicine Hat, Alberta, or browse our collection online to add a touch of luxury to your life.

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