Repairs and Appraisals


Roset by Reid maintains close relationships with experienced goldsmiths and watch repair specialists to ensure your most sentimental pieces stand the test of time. We are happy to provide a number of services on the spot at our storefront location, however for more intensive repairs we will send your piece to one of our respected specialists.

For repairs that are being sent out of house we typically require 4-6 weeks for shipping, repair quoting and completion, and return shipping. We ship all repairs through FedEx and will contact you as soon as the repair is returned.

We are happy to recommend preventative maintenance and care for your pieces, however the final decision is always up to you. If we are unable to provide an approximation of cost at the time of drop-off we will contact you with a quote once our specialists have received the piece.

For pieces purchased through Roset we will make reasonable repairs for up to 1 year after the date of purchase. Please refer to our Brand Warranty page for specific product warranties. If a piece is past 1 year since purchase, or outside a specific brand warranty, please contact us for further instruction.

Roset reserves the right to deny unreasonable returns, exchanges or repairs.


We are pleased to offer appraisals for insurance purposes. We strongly recommend having an appraisal done for any engagement ring, wedding band, high end piece or jewelry with sentimental value. Home insurance will often request an official appraisal document to ensure your valuables are covered in case of emergency.